Our 5 Tips to Choose An Apartment

Apartment Rentals have been growing in popularity amongst travelers. The reason is because they’re the perfect solution to discover the town like a local with stylish apartments in buildings with local neighbours. Thereby, you can truly immerse yourself in a city’s atmosphere, there’s nothing better than sharing the lifestyle of it’s inhabitants. You can talk to your neighbours or go to the café next-door to meet the local residentes and have a unique experiences and an authentic angle.

Homing offers you a valuable guarantee: travelling without stress. You’ll able to visit the our Welcome Center at Largo do Rato. There, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team, drop off your suitcases and enjoy the city center.

Interior decoration has that power of making us travel. We don’t just offer you a simple apartment, we give you an apartment with a unique character. We’ll give you some tips on how to choose your apartment for your stay.

  • Wall Colors Light and Neutral

Marquês Premium II by Homing has the minimalist furniture and the simple colour palette help bring life to the otherwise empty walls.

  • Let The Sun Shine In

Downtown Santa Justa by Homing has a living room and dining room illuminated by 3 three large windows characteristic of the Lisbon downtown with a stunning view.

  • Artwork in the Wall

Downtown Premium by Homing has a living room full of artwork that gives the apartment a cosy and unique design.

  • Mix of Old And New Décor

Downtown Classic by Homing combines modern design with classic portuguese tiles for a typical experience in the city center.

  • Combination of Textiles

Sweet Amoreiras by Homing a studio with a double bed with textiles and objects that gives a unique personality for your stay.

  • Take advantage of Unique Objects

Amazing Parliament by Homing mixes remarkable and classic with modern furniture which exalt an unforgettable experience.

With Homing it’s all about quality and comfort. To provide an unforgettable stay you can book our selected experiences from the Homing Concierge Service, you can easily order our services, as tours and experiences around the city or even a private chef.

The advantage of renting an apartment is that you can feel truly at home. Our apartments have everything you might need and we take care of everything, so you can travel with peace of mind.

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Happy Holidays!

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